As Director of Business Development at Seaward Corporation, John works closely with clients to develop their marketing materials, while formulating a cost-effective delivery system that exceeds their strategic objectives.

With more than 25 years of expertise in direct marketing, he helps clients develop and produce successful marketing efforts that increase market share and expand their customer database.

John has worked for some of the world’s most respected advertising and branding agencies, such as Digitas, OgilvyDirect, and Lippincott, managing production and creative efforts for American Express, The Bank of New York, AT&T, Exxon Paramins, and Bermuda Tourism. He developed and produced the national campaign for American Express to migrate members to paperless billing, exceeding the projected response by 200%.

Previously as Senior Partner at Woldin&Maher, John developed marketing campaigns for Citibank, and was an industry leader in magazine marketing for many national publications. By focusing on proper testing and analytics, many of his mailings became Control while keeping the client’s ROI high.

John has volunteered his time and marketing expertise for many charitable organizations, and has worked with autistic research and testicular cancer foundations. He created a fund-raising campaign to bring needed books to New York City’s second grade classrooms.

John has won numerous national awards from the DMA, Art Directors Club and CLIOs, but his greatest satisfaction is in the success of a campaign that goes beyond the strategic objectives to help build a client’s business and grow its bottom line.