Your database is an important business asset.

Maximizing the value of these assets is our goal. At Seaward, a datafile is not just a spreadsheet of data records; it is people, customers, and prospective buyers. Losing just one customer could mean loss of revenue for years to come.

Database marketing draws vital information, and allows connections to be made with other databases to increase the scope of your customer base. Drawing on the inferences pulled from your data can help develop tactics to reach your marketing goals. Seaward can execute these efforts to enlarge your customer base and enhance cross-selling.

Undelivered mail costs you money in printing and postage. Seaward can purge bad addresses so all your mail gets delivered.

Our data processing department can normalize multiple lists, merge/purge and optimize mailing with CASS and NCOA to maximize deliverability. We can presort your list for postage discounts and manage logistics for BMC/SCF/DDU postal entry. Being a USPS certified participant in the ACS and Universal Barcode programs, Seaward can electronically recover change of address and Nixi addresses from your mailings, as well as track delivery electronically by interfacing directly with USPS systems.

Contact us today to see how Seaward can clean up and streamline your database, for quicker, more productive mailings.